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improve customer experience

Ways to Improve Customer Experience (CX) on Your Website

26 September, 2023

Are you pondering over how to enhance the user experience on your website? The digital landscape is evolving rapidly, and staying ahead in the game requires a relentless focus on optimising the customer experience (CX). Improving customer experience on your website is not just about aesthetic appeal; it encompasses a holistic approach that focuses on…

guide to upgrading web hosting

Discover the Signs You’re Outgrowing Your Web Hosting

22 September, 2023

In the bustling digital marketplace, your website serves as the dynamic face of your brand, continually engaging with a global audience. But as your business scales new heights, there comes a point where your initial web hosting package might not suffice. It might begin to feel somewhat restrictive, unable to keep up with the burgeoning…

website copywriting

The Ultimate Guide to Website Copywriting

19 September, 2023

Mastering the art of website copywriting is a vital tool in your arsenal. Not only does it help paint a vibrant picture of your brand, but it also plays a pivotal role in driving organic traffic to your site. So, what exactly is website copywriting? Trust me, it will be an exciting journey once you…

increase max upload file size wordpress guide

How to Increase Max Upload File Size in WordPress

15 September, 2023

When working with WordPress, there might come a time when you need to upload larger files, such as images, videos, or documents. However, you might encounter an issue where your file size exceeds the maximum upload limit set by WordPress. In this guide, we’ll explore how to increase WordPress’s maximum upload file size to accommodate…

add functionality wordpress plugins

Adding Functionality to WordPress with Plugins

12 September, 2023

WordPress is a prominent platform that empowers millions of websites in web development and is the primary tool we use to develop our client’s websites at Chillybin. As you create a feature-rich website, you might wonder, “How can I enhance my WordPress website’s capabilities?” Well, this article is here to guide you through the process.…

reasons one page websites bad business

Reasons Why One-Page Websites Could Be Bad for Business

8 September, 2023

Is the Simplicity of a One-Page Website Worth It? In today’s digital age, businesses constantly seek ways to stand out and connect with their target audience online. One approach that has gained popularity is the use of one-page websites. These websites offer a streamlined user experience by presenting all the essential information on a single…